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An Ideal Daily Supplement

However good your weekly food menu it is, in my view, impossible to obtain the full range of nutrients that you need from food alone – especially at the level which has a positive impact on your health. That’s where a calorie-free nutritional supplement comes into its own.

Therefore I have listed, not just the range of nutrients needed, but also the optimum amounts and, where important, the ideal form. This is because one form of a nutrient may have a much better bio-availability than another, ie. it is absorbed and utilised better by the body.

The combination of nutrients that my research shows should have the greatest impact on maintaining long-term health is as follows. It combines the most protective nutrients from what nutritionists have identified as the healthiest foods. 

 Long-term Health
1.  A 'baseline' full A-Z spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including
      anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, E at effective levels
2.  Carotenoids - lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene
3.  Soy isoflavones - genistein and diadzein
4.  Omega 3 fish oil
5.  Flavonoids - grapeseed/bilberry/chokeberry extract, plus green tea
6.  Betaine
7.  Glucosamine hydrochloride (not sulphate form)
8.  Co-enzyme Q10
9.  Pre-biotic fibre
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