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A Summary

As we have progressed, we have discovered that health problems as apparently different as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, stroke and Alzheimer's have many of the same underlying causes – and therefore potential solutions.

What’s more, those underlying causes consist of multiple metabolic errors, rather than any single cause. That’s why the nutritional approach – which aims to provide all-round support to the body’s own natural processes of healing and renewal – is the logical first line of defence. Prevention – staying well – is the priority.

Let’s remind ourselves of the key concept of wear and repair – and the impact of the overall anabolic and catabolic processes, as the years progress. Because the imbalance between these processes, leading to catabolic dominance, underlies and drives all the degenerative diseases.

But what if you have already been diagnosed with a health problem?

Because most diseases have multiple causes, I have questioned the ‘magic bullet’ strategy of the pharmaceutical industry. This relies on drugs which target only the symptoms of disease, via a single target; a strategy which cannot cure, but does cause many adverse effects. And I have presented the evidence that specific combinations of nutrients can be used to reproduce the effects of certain drugs, but without the side effects.

However not all drugs have side effects and not all drugs can be replaced by nutritional strategies. Therefore the advice I have given here must be used in conjunction with the recommendations and prescriptions from your physician. He or she knows your individual circumstances and there are modern medicines that do have a lot to offer. The secret is to be well informed!
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